Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dessert - White Fungus, Dates, Barley and Longan Tong Sui

This one is one easy dessert to make.

1-2 pieces of White Fungus
10-12 Red Dates
10-12 Dried Longan/Canned Longan
1.5-2 litre of Water
2 Pandan Leaves
Rock Sugar
Handful of Barley

Preperation Methods:

Soak White Fungus, Red Dates and Barley and Dried Longan in water for about an hour (if canned longan is used u can try make the colour of the canned longan brown by boiling it in palm sugar solution and left overnight).

Boil barley, red dates and pandan in water for about 1 hour or till barley is soft. Add white fungus and dried longan boil for a further 15 minutes (if normal longan is used, add before heat is turned off). Add water during cooking when water level is low and more water is desired.

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