Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chicken - Chilli Sauce Chicken


500g Chicken
1 cup Flour
1 tsp Soy sauce
1 tsp pepper
1 egg
2 tsp salt

1 onion (sliced)
1 cup water
5 tbsp chili sauce
2 tbsp tomato sauce
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp chinese black vinegar

Preparation Methods:

Marinade chicken with ingredients of chicken for 15 mins. Beat egg, add too chicken. Add egg and mix thoroughly. Deep fry chicken till crispy. Remove chicken.

Mix all ingredients for sauce except onion and cornstarch. Heat 1 tbsp oil and fry onion till soft and brown. Add the mixture and boil till sauce thickens. Add cornstarch to thicken sauce if necessary. Add fried chicken and stir.


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