Sunday, September 20, 2009

Soup - Ginseng chicken soup (Korean - Samgyetang)

I must tell u.....korean food is simple but heavenly...i just wonder why im so addicted to korean food. So this is a recipe for thing is, theres red dates and ginger and glutinous rice stuffed in the stomach.....


1 chicken
1 cup glutinous rice
6 red dates
3 slices ginger
3 stalks scallion (chopped in 2 inch lenghts)
1 packet ginseng (i used ginseng powder)
salt and pepper to taste

Preparation methods:

Soak glutinous rice overnight.

Drain rice and add red dates, ginger and stems of scallion and ginseng or ginseng powder. Mix and stuff into a deskinned chicken's stomach. use toothpics to cover opening and put in pot to boil, with water enough to submerge whole chicken in water.

Use high heat, bring water to boil and change to medium heat. Boil for an hour or more until chicken meat is soft. Serve

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